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The Chilo Foundation is a first contact outreach all-volunteer organization  where 100% of your donations or sponsorships received are spent helping homeless families of the Skid Row Neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.  As an outreach charity, we are the first contact for many families facing homelessness for the first time, and we continue to support the families with our partners at the Union Rescue Mission and The Women's Shelter to provide meaningful planned family outings via our #Chilokids program.  This year we have monthly events planned including a day at Disneyland along with our 2nd Annual  3 day Retreat at beautiful, mountainous Frasier Park!   See our blog  for upcoming monthly activities.  The monthly Outreach events are held at San Julian Park in conjunction with our partners of the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation. Click on the link for the address https://www.laparks.org/park/san-julian-park 

I hope to see you at one of our events and we will welcome you with warm smiles, open arms and maybe a hug (or 150+ of them).  :-)


LA Downtown News reports that there are more than 300 homeless children in the Skid Row Neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles, according to the most recent count from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).   We provide meaningful outreach and support to these families.

what to expect

A Loving Family


When you volunteer at one of our outreach events, you not only get many hugs, maybe a t-shirt, but more importantly you become a member of a family.  For that one day, you will have the opportunity to experience the kindness and the love we have for one another and the difference it makes on the lives of the families and volunteers.

Enjoy giving back to the community


Becoming part of our family allows you to give many moments of joy to these families as well as the children. We find these experiences imprints upon the life experiences that influence the lives of so many by simply being of service to the many residents of the Skid Row neighborhood.

Volunteer with ease


We understand that safety may be a concern.  But also know we have the police department constantly patrolling the area in addition to the many incredible security volunteers standing by as well.  Fortunately, our volunteers haven't experienced a dangerous or negative situation in our nine (9)+ years of service. 

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the chilo foundation: watch video and learn more..

The Chilo Foundation is an organization that  to be of service to others. Serving Over 1,000 Hot Meals Each Month.  In this video you will witness our dedication to bringing some light to one of Los Angeles areas that is certainly in need of some love. We appreciate your visit and we hope you enjoy this video. 



Chilo Family = a group of kind hearted volunteers.

Remember: Even the smallest gesture is one that can make a child  feel good about themselves and give them  their purpose in this world.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of the homeless families of the Skid Row neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. 100% of your donation goes directly back into our programs and events.

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